Care and Maintenance

Following these guide lines will ensure years of pleasure in your Tub.

Tub Exterior
The exterior of your Tub has been treated with Weatherproof Oil. Depending on the amount of sunlight your Tub gets, an application every three months’ initially, will keep a lustre to the Tub, instead of allowing it to become dry and grey with age. NEVER APPLY OIL TO INSIDE OF TUB.

Pump and Filter
The Pump requires a minimum amount of attention. The strainer basket should be checked and cleaned monthly.
Clean cartridge filter at regular intervals (weekly as a minimum). Use spa and cartridge cleaner available from pool shops.

AGAIN, PLEASE READ THE MANUFACTURES INSTRUCTIONS. Do NOT switch on the heater before filling the Tub.

Initial Filling of Water
Trickle water into Tub allowing floor and staves to soak up the moisture. There will be loss of water through flooring and staves as the timber swells and seals.
The slower the trickle, the better for timber.
When you notice no loss of water, you can increase flow.
Sometimes this process can take days or a matter of hours. A small trickle is advisable.

Care of Water
Water will need to be sanitised weekly and the water filtered daily.
We recommend Envirospa, their products are all natural and chlorine free. Helen from Envirospa is very helpful with information.
Bromine Tablets available from pool shops in a dispenser are another way of caring for water but can be harsh on skin and wood.

Do NOT add bath oils, bath salts or other additives such as soap or detergents.

Always leave at least 200mm of water in the bottom of the Tub, this will keep the water seal tight in the Tub. Leaving the Tub empty can dry out the timber and cause damage, which would void your warranty. However please ensure lid is secured on at all times when not in use.


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